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Mrcomputer1 Forums

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Basic Features:
  • Sections and Forums
  • Topics location on forum based on last post time or sticky status
  • Users can have an about me, country and website on their profile
Moderation Features:
  • Locked topics
  • Sticky topics
  • Hidden forums that can only be seen by moderators
  • Deleted post and topics can go to a "deleted post and topics" forum
  • Banned users can appeal
  • News forum that can only have topics created in it by admins or mods
Changing the source code:
  • Currently their is no add-on/plug-in system or theme system
  • Must change your site's theme?: Change the .css in /Forum/static/Mrcomputer1Forums/
  • Must add an add-on?: Sorry, you will have to edit the source code (well add-ons are currently only source code modifications)